Flexible Sales and Financing Solutions

We offer flexible financing for businesses of all sizes and industry expertise wanting to invest in fat cavitation machine.

Regardless of you business size or industry experience, you deserve an equal opportunity to work with the best, most cutting-edge fat cavitation technology.

Investing Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Financing allows small or start up businesses to invest in a profit making machine today with the money the machine will earn you in the future.

Our expert Sales and Financing team make it easier than ever to start integrating the latest, most sought after aesthetic treatments in your salon, spa, clinic or practice.

Some of our Financing Options

  • Flexible Repayment Programs
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • Cheque

Start growing your business with microdermabrasion facials today!

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Call AU 1300 655 013, NZ 0800 398 749
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